Smart Rotation Features

Unbeatable Quality

10+ Hrs.

The number of hours the average gym spends scheduling per week at the start of a session.


Estimated loss of revenue in a gym with 500 athletes per year from inefficiencies in scheduling and business


Percentage of gym owners who still use outdated graphing softwares like Excel, whiteboards, or a paper system. 

 Automatic Rotation Scheduling Software

 Schedule your gym spaces, classes and instructors in a few clicks. 

Save Time and Headache

Turn a 10+hr/week process into a one time event. Then just make changes as your gym grows. 

Track Business Metrics


A tracked number grows as the saying goes. Smart Rotation gives you detailed business metrics so you can track your facility's success.


If you spend more than two hrs/week scheduling, this is the product for you!

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$378/year - 10% savings!

  • Up to 10 Instructors/Coaches



$540/year - 10% savings!

  • 11-20 Instructors/Coaches



$756/year - 10% savings!

  • 20+ Instructors/Coaches

Features Road Map

Business metrics

Check when vault and your other gym spaces are free or in use and track common business metrics.

Event Coaches

Schedule your gym by pairing an instructor with a class or an instructor with an event.

Coach's Portal

Your instructors will be able to

  • View their specific schedule

  • Arrange vacation/call in sick

  • View gym's uploaded lesson plans

  • Access a drill library 


Integrate with JackRabbit and iClassPro software.



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