What's your why?

June 4, 2018



Recently, I participated in an interview to discuss my new entrepreneurial venture, Smart Rotation. During this interview, I was asked the most peculiar question:


What’s your why?”  


As children, we become used to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And as we grow up this question becomes, “What do you do?” 


After I had given a half-hearted response to the person, the question continued to haunt me. I think we are all confident in answering the question, “What do you do?” For me, I’d answer with “I do gymnastics, but not only as a gymnast but also a coach and judge.”  More recently, I also answer with “I’m an entrepreneur” after the launch of Smart Rotation. Those types of questions are easy to answer in part due to being able to quantify the results. Quantifiable questions are questions that result in concrete measurements like numbers and ratings. 


But “ What’s your why?” Is not a quantifiable question, it’s a qualitative question. Qualitative questions are questions that measure impressions, opinions, and views. They are more abstract, harder to measure, and even harder to define. But that does not make them any less impactful . 


In fact, I would argue that they are more important than the quantifiable questions because they are so rarely asked.

If I asked you what you do, most of you may answer
with “I coach gymnastics” or “I own a gymnastics center/facility.” But...what’s your why?


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Why did you choose the job that you did?

Why do you do what you do? 


Those are the questions that motivate us after tough practices or hard seasons. They help us prevent burnout and keep us going when it seems like all of the odds are stacked against us. They help foster creativity by helping us create new drills for our athletes or new uses for our gym spaces. They are the questions that drive our businesses forward and through changes. 


They are the questions that this blog will discuss in the coming months because my “why” is empowering people. My “why” includes taking what I know (gymnastics, psychology, and business) and teaching people how to take Smart Rotations innovative application and apply it to their own facilities, creating a powerful gymnastics community for years to come.


So your question to reflect on this week is: What’s your why? If you’re comfortable, post it in the comments below.

So your question to reflect on this week is: What’s your why? If you’re comfortable, post it in the comments below. 


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June 4, 2018

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